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Food Hygiene - Online Food Safety Training

SFBB+ Partnered With Highfield Training For Online Food Safety Training

In order to provide you with access to high quality, cost effective and compliant online food safety training, SFBB+ has partnered up with Highfield Online Training. Highfield are a well known, trusted organisation, generally recognised by Professionals in the food industry and Environmental Health Officers.

By law, all staff in a food business must receive ‘appropriate’ training in food hygiene, depending on their role. The courses below can help you demonstrate to an inspector that your staff have been suitably trained..

To purchase this training for yourself and/or your staff, you must purchase each licence one at a time, entering the learner’s details for each purchase. If you require large numbers of training courses where this isnt practical, please get in touch and we will arrange for you to receive access as part of a bulk licence purchase.

Once your payment has been confirmed, you/your staff will receive an email directly from Highfield, providing you with instructions on how to log in and complete the training courses purchased.

The training courses we currently offer are: