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What is SFBB+

Whether you’re running a food business, or looking to start up, you’ll know the law requires you to have a food safety management system in place. It’s the first thing that an EHO asks for when they inspect and rate your food business.

The Food Standards Agency has designed a simple system called “Safer Food, Better Business” for caterers. Now it’s available to you in an App called SFBB+. SFBB Plus is a digital way of keeping all your SFBB records, including your Daily Diary up to date – safe, secure and always available.

You can complete your entire SFBB on your smartphone or tablet, and update it as often as you need to, including those all important diary pages. The App will keep your SFBB records in the correct order and manage your version control. You can export and share it whenever you like, to anyone you like – including to your visiting Food Inspector.

For businesses that like the ability to complete records by hand, but simply want to be able to store the records digitally in one convenient place, you can purchase a special re-useable hard copy SFBB+ Diary pack from our shop.

Simply complete these pages for your business and scan them into the App by taking a picture of each completed page. The App will recognise each page and store the completed pages in your SFBB+ records.

If you use the special pen and cloth provided, you can wipe clean and use all of the pages over and over. You will never run out of diary sheets again! All your SFBB+ Diary pages are reusable. 

You can use all or part of this pack entirely as you wish, mixing hand written/scanned and fully digital pages. The App will automatically file the pages into your completed SFBB in the correct place and in the correct date order.

You can also use the App to store your other hygiene records that you might want to keep safe – for example, pest control records, training certificates, temperature logs and delivery notes. Just scan these documents straight into the App using your phone’s camera and it will become a part of your digital records!

You can set up multiple people to upload records and you can add multiple premises. The App allows you to monitor the record keeping across all your sites to check you are maintaining compliance.

SFBB+ Instruction Videos

We have created a number of short videos to assist you with using the SFBB+, to make the most of all of its features. These videos are recorded on an Android device, all the same functions are available on Apple devices although there may be some slight variations in how the app appears on your screen.

SFBB+ Instruction Video 1: Introduction

The first in a short series of videos designed to explain how to navigate around the app and use all of its functions. 

SFBB+ Instruction Video 2: Daily Diary

This is the second video – to show you how to complete your daily diary within SFBB+ and use the additional feature of a daily temperatures page.

SFBB+ Instruction Video 3: Other Records & Sharing

Another short video to explaining the additional features of saving other records into the app – and sharing documents from within it.

SFBB+ Instruction Video 4: Using an SFBB+ Diary Pack

This video shows SFBB+ users the options available to them – for using a fully digital or ‘hybrid’ system. Using an SFBB+ Diary pack allows you to keep hand written records on re-usable paper, but store them digitally in the app with all of your other SFBB records. Available from our shop.
SFBB+ contains ©Crown copyright material from “Safer food, better business” Food Standards Agency, (2015, as ammended) used under the terms of the Open Government Licence v3.