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SFBB+ Primary Authority Agreement

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Information for SFBB+ Users

In October 2018, All Environmental Health Services Limited signed a Primary Authority Agreement with Luton Borough Council for the SFBB+ App. This means that the SFBB+ App has been validated by a regulator when used fully, as instructed  in  relevant food business in England and Wales. 

Experienced practitioners have also reviewed the app’s applicability for use in Scotland and the Republic of Ireland. Whilst it always remains the responsibility of the food businesses operator to comply with current food safety legislation applicable to their territory, the SFBB+ App serves as a proven method of establishing a food safety management system (based on HACCP principles) in catering, and other relevant food businesses.

We will continue to work directly with regulators in other territories to ensure that your use of SFBB+ is supported now and in the future. It does however remain your responsibility to ensure SFBB+ is compliant within your territory. If you are not sure we would recommend that you speak to your local regulator or a competent person such as a consultant local to you.

Should an inspector visit you in the UK or Republic of Ireland, and question the validity of your use of the SFBB+ App, please contact us immediately and we will assist you. (Please note that our services only extend to the use of the English language).  

Information for Regulators

As food inspectors ourselves, we appreciate that when a regulator first sees the SFBB+ App, they may have questions. We have answered some of the most common ones below, but would welcome contact from any inspector – even for an informal discussion.

We also offer free access to the SFBB+ App for all food regulators. If you work as a regulator, please get in touch and we will be happy to offer you a complimentary licence.

Is it up to date with the latest version of SFBB?


SFBB+ is based upon the latest version of the FSA’s SFBB caterers pack. We will ensure that any updates published by the FSA are incorporated into the App and any associated products we sell within three months of publication.

Is this product checked for compliance?


AEHS Ltd has sought advice via its Primary Authority partner, and as EHOs ourselves we will always ensure FBOs are compliant if use SFBB+ correctly.

Can information such as diary entries be falsified or completed all at one time?


In addition to the FBO or their staff competing the relevant parts of the App, SFBB+ keeps a digital signature each and every time an update is made. If you would like to see a record of every time a document has been updated please request that the FBO ‘shares’ the diary with you electronically. If you look in the bottom right corner of the full document you will see a date/time stamp for everyone who has made a change to that page. They can also temporarily share the premises with you in read only format – allowing you to navigate the app and review their records.