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The Food Safety Compliance App

If you are looking for a fully compliant way of keeping your food hygiene records, look no further than SFBB+

The SFBB+ App is a fully digital way of keeping all of your records – simple, secure and always available.

For a subscription of only £4.99 per month (inclusive) per premises – you can have access to a digital SFBB solution, recognised by every EHO in the UK.

Plus you can try it at no risk, with a 3 month* free trial!

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The Food Standards Agency has designed a simple system called “Safer Food, Better Business” for caterers. Now it’s available to you in an App called SFBB+. SFBB Plus is a digital way of keeping all your SFBB records, including your Daily Diary.

You’ll never need to print out another SFBB page or diary sheet. You’ll never lose it, it’s always available to you and your staff – and the inspecting EHO. You can even email them a full copy of your SFBB pack.

You will have the ability to keep digital temperature records, add multiple premises and share with multiple staff – you will wonder how you ever managed without it!

And for those businesses that like the ability to complete records by hand, but simply want to be able to store the records digitally in one place, you can purchase a special re-useable SFBB+ diary pack from our shop. Once completed, each page can be scanned into the app, where it will be automatically filed into the correct location. If you use the special pen and cloth provided, you can wipe it clean and use all of the pages again. You will never run out of diary sheets again!
If you want more information, or perhaps just a quick discussion about how the App can help your business, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you are a larger business with multiple premises, please get in touch to discuss potential licensing arrangements and how to adapt the app specifically for your needs. For full terms and conditions of use please see our legal page.

*Free trial period via the app stores is 3 calendar months on iOS and 90 days on Android. 

SFBB+ contains ©Crown copyright material from “Safer food, better business” Food Standards Agency, (2015, as amended) used under the terms of the Open Government Licence v3.
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